Go Behind the curtain of the 
self-publishing industry
A 20-year industry expert shows you why the system is broken, why hiring a company is a bad idea, and a method for publishing all on your own.
During This Webinar, We're Going to 
peek behind the curtain. . .
I'll Show You Why Self-Publishing With a Company is NEVER The Right Option
Don't be fooled! Self-publishing companies and their packages seem like a quick fix for your publishing problems. But here's the thing, once you start to scratch the surface you'll discover it's all fluff and their packages won't ever help you sell an actual book. 

I'm going to do a complete analysis and show you what you REALLY get when you purchase a  "Publishing Package".

Trust me, it's not worth anywhere near what you're getting charged. In fact, it's not even self-publishing at ALL!
I'll Uncover How to Control Your Entire Self-Publishing Process 
Now this is where the magic is. Controlling your self-publishing process is all about understanding and implementing the 4 Key Components of Self-Publishing.  When done correctly, you eliminate the need to rely on any company and are able to focus only on the options critical to your book's success. 

I'm going to teach these 4 Key Components and give you a method for aligning your budget and necessary vendors with your self-publishing goals.

Our program shows you what is truly possible when you're finally able to peek behind the curtain.

Meet Your Host and Self-Publishing Expert
Adam Ellis
Adam Ellis is the President and CEO of Steuben Press. After spending more than 2 decades immersed in the publishing, book design, and book printing industries, he has personally worked on over 50,000 titles. 

After seeing the struggle of so many of his clients, Adam founded the Steuben Press Academy, a digital community designed to empower self-published authors.

The only thing Adam loves more than publishing and working with authors is barbecue. Seriously, he wins barbecue awards and stuff.

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